I am on the island riding my bike along the path between trees and along lagoons. Along the way I come across the magnificence of Allah’s creations………………..All in tasbeeh!

Beauty in wrinkles and crinkles in a flower

Beauty in wrinkles in a youthful Southern flower

I stop to adjust my bike and enjoy the cool of the lagoon and I feel I am being watched and there lazily eyeing me from the middle of the lagoon is an Alligator:

IMG_8551I move on and the sun catches the orange of the fall berries and hold them for me to take a picture:


Cascading berrries in the afternoon sun

Meanwhile Allah Subhanawataala lights the yellow flowers with the sun and I feel it is spring instead of fall.

IMG_8584As I turn off towards the beach Allah Subhanawataala sprinkles the surface of the ocean with diamonds to adorn the little boat :

IMG_8552Subhanallah! Alhamdollillah! La illaha ilallah wa Allah O Akbar!


  1. Walaikum Asalaam Firdous,
    May Allah reward you and grant your duas.

    May every morning bring you closer to His love and give you the true happiness that even the thought of His proximity brings!

  2. Assalamu Alaikum..
    I read most of your blogs.. n cant tell you how much i feel attached to you now…

    May Allah accept all ur prayers.. do remember me in ur duva.. AllahHafiz

  3. Oh My Allah I love You sister for the sake of Allah. MAsha’ Allah May Allah protect you from all that is evil and stay blessed Ameen.

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