DUA for all those who are at the end of their strength………

final desperation swat, paksitan

The final desperation, Swat, Pakistan: courtesy of:http://www.flickr.com/photos/38551732@N05/3554618544/in/photostream/

Dedicated to my brothers and Sisters of the Ummah before they lay down their hope make this dua which was done by Prophet Noah and the skies opened. Keep your emaan, be careful and may Allah be with you!


Translations of Surah Qamar Ayah 10 (the above dua of Noah AS):

Transliteration 10: FadaAAa rabbahu annee maghloobun faintasir
Yusuf Ali 10: Then he called on his Lord:

“I am one overcome: do Thou then help (me)!”

Shakir 10: Therefore he called upon his Lord:

I am overcome, come Thou then to help.

Pickthal 10: So he cried unto his Lord, saying:

I am vanquished, so give help.

Mohsin Khan: 10: Then he invoked his Lord (saying):

“I have been overcome, so help (me)!”

French 10: il invoqua donc son Seigneur:

‹Moi, je suis vaincu. Fais triompher (Ta cause)›.

Spanish 10: Entonces, invocó a su Señor.

“¡Estoy vencido! ¡Defiéndete!”

Indonesian 10: Maka dia mengadu kepada Tuhannya:

“bahwasanya aku ini adalah orang yang dikalahkan,

oleh sebab itu tolonglah (aku)”.

Melayu 10: Lalu dia berdoa merayu kepada Tuhannya dengan berkata:

Sesungguhnya aku ini dikalahkan (oleh kaumku yang ingkar),

oleh itu menangkanlah daku (terhadap mereka)!

German 10: “”Da betete er zu seinem Herrn:

“”Ich bin unterlegen, so hilf Du (mir).””

Russian 10: Тогда он воззвал к своему Господу:

«Меня одолели. Помоги же мне!»

Bosnian 10: I on je Gospodara svoga zamolio:

“Ja sam pobijeđen, Ti se osveti!”

4 thoughts on “DUA for all those who are at the end of their strength………

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  2. I love this doa…It brings relief the moment I put my eyes on it…
    oh yes, and thank you so much for Bosnian translation, its so nice to see it (Im Bosnian btw:-))


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