FROM SOUTH AFRICA: Muslim Sisters give thanks………….

Muslim children of South Africa: courtesy of

Muslim children of South Africa: courtesy of


Muslim Sisters give thanks to Brothers who honored their Eid wish…by Quraysha Yousuf

As a result of the awareness campaign initiated by some sisters re the importance of attending the Eid Salaat, many women responded and shared in the joy of the Eid prayers. It was an emotional and empowering experience.

Muslim women felt liberated and honored to participate in the Takbir and as journalist Safiyyah Surtee wrote, ‘…

we had both fasted, we had both stood for the long nightly prayers, we had both increased our adhkaar (remembrance of God), we had both read the Quran, we had both helped each other try to gain nearness to Allah, and so we both deserved to come out on Eid morning, and thank Allah for the day, as the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his followers, men and women did a century and half ago. I believe this right belongs to every person who observes Ramadan, not just the men. The women in most cases, deserve it more, for not only did they fulfil one of the pillars of Islam, they also prepared the futoor/suhoor (dawn/dusk meals) for their families and communities…’

The women of Mafikeng were especially privileged as they were dignified and honoured by the men in their community. For the first time in the history of the town, women were given the opportunity to attend the Eid Gah. The brothers on the organizing committee were exemplary in arranging the Ladies’ Section and considered all aspects of their needs and hijaab.

Many sisters still felt doubtful and abstained because of the comments of certain Muftis. What they fail to realise is the following:

v     On the day of Eid, the Prophet SAW commanded each and every woman and young girl to come out and attend the Eid prayer. The Eid salaat is not like the 5 daily prayers as some scholars have tried to explain.

v     The Prophet SAW was consistent in action and speech- He said: ‘do not stop your women from going to the mosque, although their houses are better (perhaps more comfortable) for them’ (Abu Dawood). Look at his actions: regarding the 5 daily prayers, he allowed women to attend if they wanted to, and never rebuked them if they did not- hence the choice was theirs and he did not interfere nor limit them in that choice.

v     This same consistency can be found in the actions of his two greatest companions Abu-Bakr and Omar RA, his wife Aisha RA and from the Muffassir of this Ummah, Abdullah ibn Abbas who understood the meanings of the verses of the Quraan profoundly. Yet none of them used the above mentioned verse or hadith to prevent Muslim women from attending the mosques and in particular, the Eid prayer.

v     There is no evidence at all to indicate that any of the companions prevented women from attending the Eid Salaat and there is no evidence at all to indicate that the wives of the Prophet SAW, including Aisha RA did not attend the Eid Salaat. Remember, the Eid Salaat is different and the Prophet SAW commanded the women to attend- he did not use the same tone nor command regarding the 5 daily prayers.

Many Muslim brothers have understood the command of the Prophet SAW and facilitated arrangements for the sisters to attend the Eid Salaat. The responses by the youth and Muslim professionals on the internet and on Facebook were overwhelmingly positive. Individuals agreed that women must attend the Eid prayer. Amazingly, more men supported the initiative, encouraging sisters to ‘wear’ their faith with honour and courage and challenge the childish accusations of some scholars due to lack of confidence in the muslim men and women.

We salute our brothers for their faith in the honour and rights of the Muslim women! A society that honours and educates its women is a society that is protected.

With our veils we put our faith on display, with our honour, we strengthen the Ummah. We are ‘proudly Muslim women.’

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5 thoughts on “FROM SOUTH AFRICA: Muslim Sisters give thanks………….

  1. assalaamoaleikoum.Around the world women go to jummah,tarawih Eid salaat.except in India Pakistan.and their diasporas. 0f course we respect ALL scholars.,but choose only those scholars,whose statement are more nearer to Allah`s command and sayings of Nabi(s.a.w).


  2. Wa laikum asalam wa rahmatullah e wa barakatahu,

    JazaaikAllah Khair, may Allah reward you for following the sunnah and sending the blessings of Allah on all muslims.


  3. asalam alaikum ww
    God bless all muslims and i would like to see
    we must follow the sounat of rassull swa alah alaih wasalm and shalia and evrithing for prophet Muhammad (sw)Allah is her


  4. Dear Sister in South africa,
    Assalmualikum. Eid Mubarak. Congratulations. I wish all of us would follow the teachings and sayings of the Prophet (PBH). There would be no controversies, life would be simple and beautiful.


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