He was handsome………..Prophet Muhammad said that when he saw him in Mairaaj that if you collected half the beauty of this world, it would not suffice to make up the beauty of Yusuf AS.

He was respectful to his father ……as is reflected by the way he addressed him …….Ya abbatee, clearly in a different vein of tone than his brothers.

He sought the wisdom of his father ……….he approached him with the dream he had seen to seek an understanding of it from his father

He was handsome in face and body and beautiful in manners and thus was liked by all who came in contact with him, but he never used his assets that Allah Subhanawataala had given him to denigrate those who were not as fortunate in form or face as he.

He at the age of age twelve, when thrown into a dark well……….listened to Allah Subhanawataala and had tawakul, complete trust in Him Subhanawataala as to his outcome.

Sold as a slave in a remote land, he worked hard and honestly to earn the respect of his master, mistress and all around him. Thus in adversarial times as a slave he still practiced his adaab or manners (Muslim etiquette) irrespective of adversarial circumstances.

As a handsome adolescent, and eventually as a young man when exposed to the tempting beauty of the women around him, he protected his chastity as commanded by Allah Subhanawataala. How often football players and other sportsmen misuse their charm and the beauty of their body callously and without fear of consequences.

In the face of the society that accepted non-conjugal union of men and women as a norm, Yusuf (AS) refused to do so in the face of the possibility of a major backlash.

How often we make excuses for the errors of our youth by blaming the society we live in which freely allows and actually encourages promiscuity.

When faced with the choice of succumbing to the sexual advances of His masters wife or going to prison, he prays to Allah Subhanawataala to send him to prison to keep him away from the fitna of adultery.

In the prison, where the rooms are small, the men are many, tempers are high, food is scare, his adaab and etiquette earn him the name of “Mohsin” one who looks out and genuinely cares for others.


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