what drives us? Time and time again I have to admit it is our genes. Looking around at the attendees at the conference at the mosque given by this young Imam. I saw the faces of parents, who want and will their children to be successful in this world and in Deen. The question is why? What is their true intent?

When I am on a long drive I sometimes think back as to what propelled me to take my children to the mosque so regularly, tolerate the long and boring parties and get togethers of well meaning Muslim families, that I had nothing in common with, and continued to push them towards the Deen and excelling in dunya?
The conclusion is genes………..genes in the garb of religion, in the garb of success, you name it. The bottom line is that I and my compatriots cannot see the product of their genes go bad in any direction, be it academically, socially or religiously.

Driving back from work, I see the long line of SUVs parked alongside the road leading to the elementary school that my children went to. Each parent revved up to make sure their child gets the best teacher, the best spot to sit and the best selection of products………well then who gets the last best?

It is natures way of propagating the species, the better protection the progeny gets from its parents during the tender years the more likely he or she is to be stable in all the three areas mentioned above.
I pass by a truck selling seedless watermelon……..so what happens to their progeny they are lost for ever, after the vine dies and the fruit is eaten or rots on the truck, there is no progeny, and thus no genes …………

Drawing from my lessons on Tazkiyah, I wonder if we should ever consider our children to be an extension of us, and if we do, is that a form of arrogance. Allah Subhanawataala has told us that each person has their own DNA and has come with their own sustenance, lifespan and Qadaa wal Qadar.

It makes me wonder……..  Do we invest in our children because we want to protect our self from pain? for if they went sour we would look bad and we would hurt, or do we invest in them out of the fear of God ? Are we even aware that they are His Amana and that we have to provide them the best that we can and keep them in the ideal pristine condition of emaan while they are in our care. Thus when they return to our Lord from whom we have come, they are not in a sullied condition.

Children………..that is what drives us; at least that is what drives us Muslims. We do things that we would not do other wise. All this in an effort to save us from the pain of a bad egg turned worse. All this under the guise of teaching them our faith and the way to make money, never really considering the most basic of tenet that they do not belong to us, that we neither dictate how long they stay with us and that they were not sent to us for the aggrandizement of our Nafs, but as an amana from Allah Subhanawataala for a period of time.

Children………that is what drives us. May Allah Subhanawataala guide us regarding our children, before we bear them, during their lifetime and on their death, if so be it.

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