I have no memory of this……… I sat by Tariq’s graveside and read Yaseen, somewhere in Pakistan there were hundreds of women who would watch their children being buried alive in an earth quake.

As the side of the mountain split open and the school went down the hill into the river, andfor many days it is reported that the children were heard screaming trapped in the broken blocks of the building, all power lines, down, roads cut and water sources blocked by the split of the mountain and the breaking rocks.
It was October 2005. Three months after Tariq died…………….I remember packing Tariq’q parka and coats for the earthquake victims in Pakistan but did not know the details. I was in a grief coma where no on else existed except me and my grief.

Today as I listened to the narration of the earthquake from an AlHuda volunteer (listen to the last part of the second tafseer , 53 minutes)  where she had gone to help the victims of the earthquake the full impact of the tragedy hit me.

I share the grief of my sisters and pray to Allah to give them solace and open the path to Him Subhanawataala.

La Taknatu mer Rahmatullah…….

grieving mother reads Quran

school after earthquake in Chikar

2 thoughts on “MY GRIEVING SISTERS………

  1. Dear Sister,
    It seems like yesterday. I distinctly remember following the events in the TV. One of my Pakistani friends even was a part of medical team. He sent me large number of pictures of the utter destruction. At that time everything seemed to be so far away. I just felt sorry for the parents whose children have died. I dinot realize that the pain of loosing one’s child cannot be shared but only experienced. May Allah Grant them eternal peace. If you want I could send you some of those photos to your email address.


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