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Fear is an essential part of TAQWA.

TAQWA is a complex term describing a life filled with love, fear and obedience to Allah Subhanawataala and instilled with a constant awareness that He Subhanawataala is with us every waking and sleeping moment, and that He subhanawataala is protecting us and watching us, and that nothing escapes him whether it is overt in action or covertly residing in the recesses of our mind.

This awareness modulates our behavior inside salah and outside salah.

Taqwa is the ultimate goal of every sincere Muslim.

Allah Subhanawataala gives us the prescription to overcome fear and grief by following His guidance.
For that we need an understanding of His words, their meaning, the context in which they were revealed and the method of practice as demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

He Subhanawataala gives us a choice……………an option of overcoming FEAR and GRIEF. It is now upto us if we choose to seek the cure.

An finally sages and scholars tell us that it is best to learn from History as history repeats itself, again and yet again.

Allah Subhanawataala says in the Quran that the only reason he relates stories of people from the past, is to teach us not to repeat the mistakes they made and to learn of the consequences of those mistakes………….
Thus be guided by the moral of these stories in the Quran and change our behavior before punishment descends or Time runs out for us individually or collectively.


May I share with you the story of THE STRONGEST NATION IN THE WORLD?

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