“To be orderly is to seek to have Divine characteristics. Allah Subhanawataala is orderly in His creation and the working of His creations is also orderly”

My take on this: Every thing on earth including the movement in the Universe of its components is punctual and orderly.

The sun comes out punctually in a predictable and orderly manner and the day follows, it sets in an orderly fashion and the moon follows……..

There is orderliness in how cells divide for each human and animal and what they become. This orderliness when not followed in quality or quantity becomes a cancer.

The sign of a genuine Muslim is to be orderly in behavior, and actions, and is recognized by his or her trademark:  A Muslim leaves a place in a better condition than he or she found it.


The orderly growth of ferns in the forest

Excerpted from the Retreat on Tazkiyah Nafs 09 with Shaykh Mokhtaar Magroubi (quotes are from the Shaykh)

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