I have asked my nearest and dearest friends and family to send me a dua e Ruksati for my daughters giving away ceremony after her Nikkah and reception (walima). Several of them wrote back beautiful duas that I printed to prepare a rukhsati booklet for my daughter and her husband to be.

As for me I am stumped, as what to do or say at Rukhsati. Some of this is the denial of the final giving away of my delicate flower that we have nurtured and protected from the hot winds and some of it is just not having a continuous moment of reflection to write something meaningful.

Thus as I am exiting the Wednesday tafseer class, she comes up to me and puts a pink book in my hand, the title reads “Hisnul Haseen”, she opens it to the page she has marked and it reads:

…………..When Fatima Zahrah may Allah be please with her was married to Ali (RA) at the time of Rukhsati, RasoolAllah PBUH, called for a glass of water and read a dua in it “to protect her and her progeny from the evil of Shaitan and then sprinkled the water on her chest, head and back and then did the same for Ali RA”

I look up after reading the excerpt………… eyes glaze with thankfulness to Allah SWT and turn to see the face of the smiling angel he had once again sent me to help me in completing the Sunnahs of a Muslim marriage.

3 thoughts on “THE DUA FOR RUKHSATI

    • ASA Br Naeem, Recite the four Quls, Ayet al Kursi and make a dua from your heart. I will try to locate it as it is in Urdu, but can’t promise as I may have returned the book to the owner.

  1. beautiful. May Allah subhana Ta Allah bless your daughter and her spouse and give them immense happiness in this world and the hereafter.Ameen.SumAmeen.

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