(Tafseer by Dr. FH excerpted from Surah Baqarah)

Hypocrites can be in all times. They state that we believe in Allah, Allah SWT disqualifies their statement as they are only saying this with their tongue, and they are trying to fool (hide the reality) (ukhadaioona) Allah SWT.

What is the defination of a Hypocrite?(MUNAFIQ)

There is a difference between what they say and what is in their hearts.

They are making a fool of people who truly do believe in God as well as trying to fool God.
They do not understand the depth of the fact (lack of shaoor)(lacking the understanding of what he is doing, lacking self awareness). They actually they are fooling themselves.

Why have they become like this because they have a disease of the heart called hypocrisy and suspicion. Thus Allah has increased their disease. They are restless in this world they have no peace, and entertain themselves with worldly things.

In the Akirah they will be at the bottom of hell. Because they lied.

In order to be a momin, one first has to be true to oneself, which leads him or her to be true to those with eman as well as with Allah.

Someone whose thinking is based on lies, suspicion and his life is not based on truth such a person is the basis of fasaad(strife)  in the community.

When they were asked not to do fasaad (Strife)  in the community they say “we are actually improving the condition of the community”, they are fooling themselves, and they are not recognizing that they are in the wrong.

Allah’s warning

Allah SWT warns that those who have a difference between what is in their heart and tongue, it is they who cause fasaad (strife) in the land, they do not understand the concept of truth.

When they are asked to believe or have emaan (faith), they say:
“Should we have emaan like these stupid people with emaan, who sacrifice themselves and their comfort for the sake of their eman and the truth?”

Allah SWT says that actually it is the hypocrites who are stupid.

When they sit with people who have emaan they behave like them, but when they are with their own, they say they are with you (other hypocrites and disbelievers) and they say we re just having some humor at the expense of the momineen.

Allah is making fun of them, Allah Swt is giving them rope but they are straying further and further.

They lack the sight of the heart; they are unable to see with their heart. These are the people who have traded the good for the bad.



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