Christians submit to Saladin

Christians submit to Saladin

THESE AYAHS (9:5-6) need to be read and understood in the context they were revealed, not taken out and misused for purposes that are detrimental to society and humanity at large.

Islam is a way of life that if practiced as commanded by God in His words in the Quran and followed by example of His Prophet as He instructed him to follow, it brings harmony within us and around us.

Islam neither enforces peace nor war. Both factors are within us as human beings, we have been given a freedom of choice as to which factor we want to enhance. However if we follow the way of life as outlined in the Quran and practiced by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as an individual and as a society it does bring peace and harmony to both.

Islam as a way of life brings emotional and physical order in life, reminding us five time a day at the minimum that God Almighty in His infinite mercy helps us and is in charge of everything, if we want something we must ask him and if he gives us something we must show gratitude.

Islam instills in us via the word of God Almighty that we are accountable for each and every deliberate action and that we will be answerable to Him (God Almighty) on the Day of Judgment.

Islam also gives us the awareness that people are not bad but can be lured by the whisperings of the Shaitan. If human beings are not reminded of Allah Subhanawataala several times a day (salaat) as having power over all things we may be lured into a false feeling of having absolute power, or another human being having absolute power resulting in anger and emotions and acts of vengeance.

Islam also unites us as human beings and every created thing in the Universe when we acknowledge that in our salaat several times a day by submitting to one God (Allah).

Islam neither teaches us to hate anyone based on their caste, creed or color, nor does it teach us to be arrogant of our power or riche.  Allah SWT reminds us repeatedly by his words in the Quran that all things on earth and in our life are temporary and that our final home is in Jannah and our final behavior will be judged based on our following His (SWT) words in the Quran and the Sunnah in intent and action.

Islam gives us pause while fighting because anger and the feeling of intoxication of power are weapons of Shaitan. These can blind us to our final goal and deviate us from the path of humanity (Insaniat: being human or insaan).

Islam is a Morse code for a personal or collective life in harmony, it can be deciphered by reading understanding and reflecting on the Quran and following in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Allah Subhanawataala (God Almighty) created us, he knows us well, and He (SWT) has not commanded us to do anything that is harmful for us. He tells us repeatedly in the Quran that He has commanded us to refrain from only those things that are harmful for us.

Allah Subhanawataala loves us as His creatures, we have a special place as humans in that He (SWT) has given us freedom of will and freedom of action with a guidebook of consequences awaiting each act good or evil at the end of our time.

Thus by giving the message of Allah Subhanawataala’to anyone who is not a believer is to bring him or her a garden of flowers and sunshine for time immemorial.

It is not to force people to believe but to open the door to the garden and let them look, feel and savor the beauty and then invite them in. It is up to them and Allah Subhanawataala whether they enter or slam the door and maybe even the face of the door holder. We will have thus done our duty to Allah Subhanwataala.

Giving the message to each human being does not connote a race to see who is most successful in winning over more people or controlling more people by making them think like one’s own self. Self-aggrandizement or a feeling of superiority while doing so defeats the purpose, intent and humility of the invitation.

If the real intent is to give the message of the oneness of Allah, that He neither begets nor is begotten and has power over all things… then, we have completed what He has asked us to do.

It is essential to remind myself and you that the outcome is not up to me or you, the credit is not up to us, all we have done is our duty and offered the others a bouquet of flowers, what they do with it is their prerogative and the guidance of Allah.

Allah knows best.

Dua: May Allah Subhanawataala forgive me my mistakes and guide me, such that my brain and pen only think and write what He has deemed as just and right.

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  3. Dear Asqfish,
    Your are religiose. Too much of anything is not healthy. Be happy and have good feeling for everyone whether muslim jew hindu or anyone. If you see things in the light of quraan you’d like muslims only, that too the practising ones.
    I do spritual reading but not confined to hinduism only. In a garden we dont limit ourselves to a single flower but enjoy beauty of all. Pure heart and love must be the religion for that we don’t need scriptures for that.
    Be in Islam and also come out of it to see how beautiful the world is. I hope you understand.Concen for other and love for all is the real ‘Siraat-ul-mustqeem’.
    I’m a non muslim but don’t think I am a bad person.
    One thing I’d like to ask you. How will you explain the 9th verse of Sura-e-Saf????


    • Rajkumar Sharma;
      You have an obscure view of Islam. If Asqfish see things in the light of the Quraan he will like everyone. You like so many others will take a small portion of those teachings and take out of it what you will. The greatest beauty of a free mind (the greatest gift) is that you really don’t need to explain your beliefs. As said before that gate is open to the garden to let you see in. It is up to you to walk through it or close it behind you. You do spiritual reading but you do not have scripture? That’s being a little disengeniuos. You did not obtain your enlightenment on your own. You were guided through your own scriptures. Scriptures are only a written word. Holy scriptures are guides to enlightenment.Hinduism has plenty of scripture. The first mistake of any religion is judging others.Be comfortable in what you believe. Again either you can walk through the gate or close it behind you.


    • Mike; do you not read the Qu’Ran? To erase a people is hate that we are not taught. We should defend the rights of all people but not to the extreme of extinguishing them altogether. We do not have the right nor should we intoxicate ourselves to make that justification.


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