YUSUFALI: They are those, with whom thou didst make a covenant, but they break their covenant every time, and they have not the fear (of Allah).
YUSUFALI: If ye gain the mastery over them in war, disperse, with them, those who follow them that they may remember.
YUSUFALI: If thou fearest treachery from any group, throw back (their covenant) to them, (so as to be) on equal terms: for Allah loveth not the treacherous.


Amanat is a trust that you leave with someone to be returned in full at a given time and place. Amanat is something that belongs to another person, that he or she gives to you for safe keeping and to abide under the rules of the pact (covenant) he or she made with you.

Khianat is taking something out of what was given to us for safekeeping and betraying the trust of another.

Tafseer: (FH)

Khianat is detested by Allah SWT

On the day o judgment each promise/pact breaker will have a flag, which will announce what promise or pact he or she violated. This will be the announcement of their violations of their promises, personal or national, publicly decrying their actions for all to see.

(Hypocrites is a foul word in islam, it means someone who overtly says he believes and inside does not, and this is reflected in his actions, Unfortunately we have no way to know who is a hypocrite, but this hadith is to warn us and to look within us to make sure that we do not carry any vestiges of hypocrisy)

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said the person who has these four attributes is a true hypocrite, and if he has even one then he has one-fourth qualities of a hypocrite until he leaves these attributes:

1.    When he/she is given an amanat he violates it with Khianat. He betrays the other persons confidence, he does not keep the other persons confidential information secret, he does not complete his duty as promised
2.    When he speaks he/she lies.
3.    When he promises something he/she betrays his/her promise
4.    When he argues he/she becomes verbally abusive

Allah SWT dislikes those who do khianat. Khianat is a sign of hypocrisy.

People can hide the act of their khianat from people but not from Allah.


The betrayal of confidences exchanged between husband and wife, between friends,  and betrayal of pacts between nations.

If two people are talking and one of them looks around (sort of to make sure no one else is listening, this is an indicator that he wants this conversation confidential without actually saying so), their word becomes an amanat, especially if someone is taking advice. If two people are talking in confidence softly, then to eaves dropping is also khianat of the ears.

Reading other people’s personal mail, diary,(khianat of the eyes)  eavesdropping on phone calls, (kianat of the ears) going into other peoples email without their permission are all acts of  khianat.

Even with children: going through their things secretly is also khianat. If one has to investigate one’s own children’s things it should be done in their presence.

Using children to spy on other family members also falls under khianat.

If one desires to break a pact, one should do it publicly (“throw back their covenant to them”)rather than by default.

end tafseer re: khianat

17 thoughts on “THE CONCEPT OF AMANAT AND KHIANAT: 8:56-58

  1. What if money of your child is entrusted to you as a father to keep it safe until the child is 18 years of age. And you decide to spend it, whithout the consent or knowledge of the child? And when confronted with it, not willing to give it back immediately.
    Jazakallahu khayran,
    the mother


  2. I have a question, after reading about Amanat and Khianat, I feel very guilty because sometimes a loved ones tells me something conditional and i accidentally or because of too much trust to the other person say it to them. I don’t know how to redo what I have done but I feel super guilty about it. Can you please advise me what to do to get ride of the guilt?


  3. Assalamalaikum.i am married recently and my in-laws have taken all my jewelry and furniture gifted by my father in wedding and are not returning and my husband have shifted to other city and need those things.i spoke to my husband about this but he doesn’t want to ask them because that may upset his parents. If I ask my husband one more time will that be considered as disobedience to my husband?..plz help me..allahafiz


    • Walekum Assalam Sister,
      I am not the knowledgeable person of Islam. I am expressing my view here, As dowry is not acceptable in Islam, What ever has given your parents is as Gift to you. I think actually belongs to you and you own it. But I can say Sab’r(patience) will reward you fruitful. When Allah you with beautiful marriage life then you Ignore such thing. Who know Allah has planned something better for you. You sacrifice may reward you husband excessive money and you may buy better stuffs in future.


  4. Friends i need to know if amanath can be of leagel things only. i.e. if some one gave me some money for safekeeping and later i find out that this money was stolen. will i still be liable to give it back to thief or should i return it to the person it belongs to or if i cant find the persone from whome it was stolen should i do sadqa on his behalf


    • ASA Brother Basit,
      This is a fiqh question. It is best to ask your Imam or local scholar. My thought would be you give it back to the person who left it with you as amanah, as your are not a judge or jury to decide whether it was stolen or not.
      Allah knows best!.


  5. I have a question that if a person gives yo amanat and you use it at that time but return it when he demanded is it allowed in islam ?
    please reply me


  6. Mashallah very informative, I have a query regarding amanat, and hope someone will help me out.My co gives me some imprest to use for my site expense, If I use this money for my personel needs and with niyah to retun when ever co wants or whenever there is demand for this money for Co. expense. (in other words I want to use this money to finance my needs and will return gradually).will it be khayanat or not.
    Jazakallah Khair


    • Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah. Activities, as described, if not liked by the owner or Co. then it is Khianat. In official language it is temporary misappropriation of money.


  7. Sub’hanallah……..! All praises to Allah….we should be very careful in amanath as well as in loans,debts as well as in our salah….even salah is also an amanath,as Allah has given the salath to the mankind….we should be very careful in our dealing on earth…otherwise that person will not be allowed to enter the jannath forever…he will be put in the bottom part of the hell….so be careful of shirk and amanath….there is no chance if we fail….try to give back all ur debts and write it down on a paper,details of debts…if u forgot ,try to publish it in a news paper atleast,if u fear Allah! Dua for me too,my brothers…asslalamu alaikum


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