I am on the hike in the mountains after the retreat on Tazkiyah Nafs. I have reached the lake, nestled in the mountains and am walking along its edge. I have now reached that part of the shoreline where nature, Allah Subhanawataala’s creation is untouched by human hands.

Deep in the branches, hidden by some leaves I feel them calling to me. I pause; they are in clusters of soft pink tinged with magenta centers, stamens and stencils. I am riveted, by their fresh innocence and untouched purity, there is a bee collecting honey……….sweetness, there must be lots of sweetness in them………Allah SWT has blessed them with beauty, purity and sweetness.

I walk on…….. I am called again; this time it is a subtle fragrance, the likes of which can never be found in a bottle. I look for the source of this unique perfume and to my surprise. I find it is coming from the same sweet pink graceful flowers.


I stop and inhale the sweetness of their fragrance on this clear crisp sunny day. It is neither heady nor weak it. Indescribable insistent in it’s calling yet gentle in its intensity. I see a butterfly hovering close by.

While on this walk I have been reflecting on what I have heard at the retreat about Tazkiyah. I have been skeptically thinking about what would be the effect of Tazkiyah on a person living in a normal western environment, and how could it be implemented in our lives.

I have been thinking, pondering, but coming to no conclusion……….and then the flowers catch my eye and flood my senses with their uniquely pure fragrance. Pink and magenta……..beautiful in their exterior, with lots of honey and sweetness in their interior…….thus beneficial to many, sending out their gentle fragrance and calling others to them.

Perhaps Allah SWT is showing me what a truly righteous person would be like to the external world: Beautiful to behold, pure in countenance, beneficial to others and calling others to the glory of Allah.” Isn’t the path of Tazkiyah worth it if the final product is such a person as stated above”? the question hangs in the air as the fragrance of the flowers assails my senses.

A person who has been purified of his or her Nafs is Righteous and God fearing, and is like the flowers I came upon. Simply beautiful in their exterior, sweet in their inner core, and calling others to the Deen with the fragrance they put out of their inner Malaiki Self. Can I ever reach that goal?

What does your fragrance say?

This post dedicated with thanks to my friend ZR who was the inspiration for it.

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