RAIN, RAIN, RAIN………………..

I am driving…………and the rain is falling all around me, sometimes gentle, sometimes the drops join together to form an opaque wave on my windshield blinding me from all else, and sometime, it just comes at me enveloping me in my car like an undemanding, recurrent embrace.

I am thinking, of the rain and how it has always personified freedom for me. It has a way of stripping people of the fakenesses they cover themselves with (makeup, fake hairdos, ostentatious clothes) and reveal their true outer selves.

Rain is the mercy of Allah……I have always known that, however recently while listening to FH’s tafseer on Surah Al Araaf, it brought on a new significance and a warning.

Here is an excerpt:
One of the ingredients of the recipe of earning the Rahma of Allah SWT is to give zakaat. The nation that forbids zakaat; Allah SWT says he would completely stop the rain if it were not for the animals and the birds who are always in tasbeeh, unlike humans.

Rain……. I see my self, a child, biking with my brothers in calf deep water in the rain flooded lanes in Karachi. Schools are closed, and we are randomly going places. I see my self driving though the rain across the state lines with my mother on a sightseeing adventure.

I see a sheet of rain coming down and drenching me and the fresh graves of my son and his two friends.  I see a father in a far away land, standing at his sons grave and thinking of his child’s hand in his, when they would walk to his school.

wild flowers by the road

Wild flowers by the road

Through my windshield, I am sensitized to the fact that the raindrops are not falling randomly, and nowhere is this more apparent than on a two hundred mile drive. I see where the mercy of Allah has been graced upon consistently and I see flowers bloom wildly on the side of the road.

flooded streets, slowing down and seeing the beauty of the roadside market

flooded streets, slowing down and seeing the beauty of the roadside market

In other places I see the parched earth and low streams and abandoned closed factories. At other places I see roads flooded and traffic stopped.

Allah SWT slowing down man’s rampant desire for dunya forcing him to think and observe the beauty He (SWT) has created for us.

Nothing is random in the kingdom of Allah, and especially not where and when the rain falls.

I see each raindrop being carried down by an angel to the spot it is supposed to saturate……….and thus bringing with it the mercy of Allah.

And then as memory kicks in on the interstate, I invariably see my son and his two friends driving into the rain storm. Allah’s mercy surrounding them, embracing them and the angels removing their souls in that embrace, before any pain strikes. Allah SWT recalling them to be delivered to Him, enveloped in His mercy. And all the while the mercy of Allah rains all around drenching their soulless bodies with mercy, leaving them for us to retrieve and grieve.

“Drenched in His mercy” that is how that fateful afternoon was on July 13 2005.

This new perspective comes to me as I drive on the interstate through the blinding rain, listening to Sheikh Mokhtar Magroubi’s “Sciences of the Quran” and marvel at the fact that I had never thought of rain in this perspective:

“Allah’s mercy surrounding my son, Im and Ebad, drenching them in His mercy and then recalling them to Him wrapped in His mercy…………..”

Rain, Rain, rain ………………I will never think of rain again without thinking of His mercy.

3 thoughts on “RAIN, RAIN, RAIN………………..

  1. From FQ:

    Grand Mercy
    Unimaginable Mercy
    Asqfish :
    The Rain
    The Wind
    The Fire
    The Earth
    The Seas
    The Worlds
    The Cosmos

    That carry out the Will and Irresistible Plans of
    Allah SubhanAllah


  2. Walaikum asalaam,
    When placed in pain and difficulty the righteous in the eyes of Allah say:

    “Inna lil lahi wa inna elayhe rajaeoon”

    May Allah Subhanawataala place you in the row of the righteous.
    Think of what you would be doing for your son right now and do it for a less fortunate boy his age.

    May Allah Subhanawataala place the balm of his Rahma on your heart, and may you always be under the umbrella of his love.


  3. Dear sister,
    Assalamu alaikum.
    I donot remember what rain meant to me before 16th Dec 2007. But now rain and wind means the cemetery will be empty of people and I can talk to Nabeel alone, cry loudly against the howling wind and say all my duas loudly. Nabeel always wanted to get wet in the rain. He would come back wearing his three quarter shorts and flip flops with an army camouflage T shirt, all soaking wet. His hairs plastered on the forehead. Now I get soaking wet standing in the rain looking at his headstone.
    What is the limit of human endurance?


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