Masjid e Aqsa

Masjid e Aqsa

Here is my wish list for now:
1.    The ability, stamina, health and intention to perfect my prayer.
2.    The mental faculties to memorize the Quran accurately with the correct tajweed and recite it so that it sounds sweet to my ears and others.
3.    Ability, strength and istiqama to follow what is ordained by Allah and obey His Prophet (PBUH)
4.     To include others in my journey given above with smile benevolence and a non-judgmental manner.
5.    To spend my time, money and speech in a manner that will bring me closer to Him (SWT)
6.    To go to the Kaaba often and have personal time for prayer and reflection in the Riaz ul Jannah without disturbance.
7.    To pray in the Masjid e Aqsa honorably.
8.    To minimize the trials of this dunya on me, and my family, and to give afiya to my loved ones who have died.
9.     To have the health, strength and resources and the cognition to see the beautiful signs of Allah in this world that he has created
10.     To be safe from all human strife and free from all restrictions.
11.     To give my daughter and future son in law health, taqwa, happiness and the love and desire to be on the path of jannah.
12.     To give my daughter shifa in her hands from Allah and children who are healthy, righteous, normal, obedient and a comfort to her heart.
13.    To give my husband health, and a salve for his sorrow.
14.    To set all my family (including my extended family) on the path to jannah.
15.    To give my husbands family Emaan and the desire, and ability to take Shahada and make that path easy for them.
16.    To give me the perseverance to declare my shahada in my last breath.
17    To save me from torture in this world, in my grave and in the Hereafter. (you know I am weak).
18.    To listen and accept the prayers of the Muslim Ummah if they are Jaaez, and to guide them continuously.
19.    To show the beauty of Islam to all my friends of other faiths and make it easy for them to take Shahada and ease their difficulties.

20.    To give me the recipe for the rest of my time in dunya that is pleasing to Him (SWT) and which gives me entry into Jannat al Firdous and keeps me there.

21. To make my final resting place in Jannah.




  1. Assalamu’alaikum,

    In my opinion, sr Asqfish just want to give such a good inspiration to her readers…i don’t see any single point shows that she is arrogance or riya, insha Allah. I have taken many benefits by reading her writing in this blog.
    May Allah SWT protect her from being arrogance and always keeping her in HIS (SWT) right path . Ameen.



  2. Asalaamoalaikum,
    A while ago I wrote these to clarify and organize in my mind, what I wanted from Him.
    Perhaps you have a point I should not share with everyone what I want from Him Subhanwataala.

    On the other hand if the readers of this blog are sincere people perhaps they might also strengthen my resolve to act on these duas by encouraging me.

    The path to Allah is not easy and it is important to have friends and companions not only in the immediate environ but in cyberspace who will listen, empathise, encourage and correct (as you have) and make dua for me.

    Do you think I should leave this post on or remove it?
    Does this post in any way harm any one?
    Why would Allah not grant me what I want, aspire and struggle for whether it is public or private. I don’t think I am boasting or making a declaration that I am already there, which of course would come under arrogance or riya.

    I am not at all a religious learned person. I am just your average Jane Doe struggling to attain and remain on the Path to Allah.
    My writings on the blog are to share the struggle I am in………it changes everyday but it remains a struggle.

    JazaaikAllah hu Khairan.


  3. I have read through the above supplication and i dont agree with the fact that you expose such spiritual concepts on the internet. You a’maal should be for Allah alone and your dua must be made secretly to him otherwise how do you expect him to accept it? If you are a religious learned person, ie hafiz, shekh, scholar etc, i wouldnt expect this sort of thing.


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