In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful

It is only when I sit at the Lake and see the serenity of the water so contradictory to the turmoil within me and hear the breeze moving through he trees, do I realize that we are mere mortals…..even compared to our surroundings.

We laugh, we cry and we desecrate the earth heedlessly and yet….the wind, the earth, the water outlasts us by years if not centuries.

I am at Lake Lick Fork………….a place where we have come so many times. It is where we have laughed, cried, and listened to the memoirs of my mother. The wind still stirs as it did with the whizzing of the Frisbee, and the memory of the characteristic laugh of my son is embedded in the sound waves of this beautiful place. We have returned again and again, each time making new memories.

So many of us who once came here have returned to dust. My mother and my son……..of the closest to me, others have left and moved away. Yet the serenity of the lake is untouched by the changes in our lives, it still ripples to the touch of the wind, warms to the light of the sun and reflects the sentinel trees in blazing summer and naked winter.

The lake, used in multitudinous ways, remains serene in the face of all use and abuse and reminds me of the characteristic of ‘sabr’, a quality that I am struggling to attain. Looking at the lake it serenity or ‘sabr’ seems effortless in face of all the change.

Change is one thing guaranteed in this world, everything and everyone changes, except Allah Subhanawataala, He is the constant in this universe, has been, will be, unchanged and unchangeable. For in Him is the only constancy.

I see trees across the lake. Every fall the leaves turn golden, fall and are absorbed into the ground. Every spring those very trees that lost everything on their branches turn green bringing out young delicate shoots.

It is this joyful exuberance for Allah’s naimah hidden in each of his creation that produces the green again and again after everything has died…….that is what I am looking for…… so far unsuccessfully.

Three important branches have fallen from my tree (my mother, my brother and my son) and I find myself unbalanced….un- exuberant, and unable to bring the spring shoots out of the remaining unbalanced tree that remains behind.
I am told that I must live in Dunya as if I am a traveler passing through, not make attachments, and avoid distractions, and keep focused on my Akhirah, my final destination. Not to partake too much in the joys of living as they are transient.

However when I look at nature as it stands in front of me in all its glory, in life and in death, it seems never to tire of celebrating life.

It does so year after year tirelessly, with exuberance and gratefulness, with flowers in the spring, lush greenery in the summer and deep oranges and yellows in the fall.

It continues the celebration of life, knowing full well all the time, that the leaves will fall, the branches will break and winter will take its full toll of the standing trees.

Yet they continue to respect and rejuvenate the cycle of life celebrating each change of state…………………why can’t I?

natural life and death at the lake

natural life and death at the lake


  1. Walaikum Asalaam wa rahmatullah hi wa barakatahu!
    Your son Inshallah is praying with the angels.
    You are so right in knowing that what Khair we get is from Allah and what Balaa comes to us is to shake us and to change our path towards Him. Inshallah!
    Eid Mubarak! Holidays have lost their charm, but May the closeness to Allah SWT grow every day!
    I am listening to a CD set titled “The Path to Allah” by Sheikh Mokhtar, where he talks about “Ghafala” I feel he is talking about me prior to 2005.
    Please keep me in your prayers, and give my salaam and Eid Mubarak to your family and especially your parents.


  2. Dear Sister,
    Assalamualaikum. Eid Mubarak. As I was reading your beautiful piece , I could see the sun rising with all its glory. It is eid today. Only thing I could think is last year the sun was rising like this when I was calling my son to get up and get ready for the eid prayers. This world can be so beautiful and at the same time so cruel. All depends on your state of mind. No money can buy happiness for your unless Allah sets your mind to receive that happiness. Eid mubarak, convey wishes to your husband, daughter and son in law.


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