It is not until I went to Mecca for Ramadan that I understood what happens in taraveh

I am standing in Taraveh……..alert, immobile, and attentive, the surah flows from the lips of the Sheikh and its tone and meaning bursts into my conscious, the five million people in the Haram fade………..I feel He Subhanawataala is talking to me……me!
I am afraid, I am overjoyed, I am hopeful, I am sobbing, I am asking for forgiveness and…….He is showing me how to be grateful as he showed Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him 1400 years ago.
At times He addresses Prophet Muhammad directly and his words have a reassurance that is comforting and protective. I feel the pain and anguish of our Prophet that bring these words from Allah to him and then to each of us who are in similar situations.
I am in front of Him, unaware of who stands besides me for she too is with Him,………..I have read the meaning of the surah earlier, but it is not till it is recited in the actual words of Allah do I receive it in my heart…..

This recitation is not from Mecca but it has English subtitles and the heart soaking recitation of Sheikh Al Afasy
Surah Ghafir ayahs 1-22/ Sheikh Al Afasy reciting at Taraveh:

Surah Ghafir ayahs 23-37

Surah Ghafir ayahs 38-65

Surah Ghafir 66-85:

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