Fasting in Islam is not just another Ritual, which Removes Sins by Itself! The Miracle of the Qur’an!
By Dr. Kaukab Siddique.

*     The month of fasting must begin according to the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh, by the sighting of the crescent. This is not a religion of a priestly class or technocrats or elites sitting in a room to decide whether the month has begun or not. The sighting brings the entire Ummah in touch with the creation of Allah out there in the universe. It creates the culture and way of life of Islam. Some groups want to cancel this Sunnah so that they can speed up the absorption of American Muslim communities into the kafir way of life. The Sunnah is essential and integral to Islam

*    Fasting is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end.
The Qur’an uses the term TAQWA to emphasize the purpose of fasting. This word has layers of meaning including Fear of Allah, awareness of Allah, self-restraint, staying away from corruption, opposing oppression and following the Example of Muhammad, pbuh.

*    The Qur’an was revealed in Ramadan.
This was the greatest event in human history. It gave humans a Book of Guidance for ever and provided guidelines for the transformation of society. Women who were viewed as property, became property holders and inheritors themselves, slavery was ended and the superpowers of the time were demolished. The teachings of Abraham, Moses and Jesus [peace be on them] are part of the Qur’an because the Truth is one and indivisible.

*    The Qur’an was transmitted by the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, [sahabah] who became the greatest fighters against slavery, the subjugation of women and the concentration of wealth in a few hands. Bilal the Ethiopian, Salman the Persian and Suhaib the Roman, instead of being excluded from an Arab-Islamic community were given leadership roles. [May Allah be pleased with all three.]

*      While laying down the rules for fasting, the Qur’an, teaches the MUTUALITY of husband-wife relationship, not the superiority of one over the other, and uses the metaphor of “garments” to emphasize this mutuality.

What is fasting for you?


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  2. So inspiring!
    I was not aware that Ramadan starts with the siting of the crescent moon.
    I love this about Islam, unlike Christianity that demonetizes the Creation, Islam exalts the beauty of Creation.
    My life has changed very much from my studying Islam.
    I am very moved by the modesty required for both men and women. I feel very strongly that modest clothing is important for women. Western women dress like prostitutes and all the makeup is also along the same impression.
    Islam honors women and that is so important since women are so debased in other religions; stemming from the mistaken concept of “original sin” that is the basis of Judaism and Christianity.
    A good woman friend who of mine (who is a Muslim) has taught me much about Islam, told me that in Islam there is no original sin. That there is a Sura that says Allah does not make us pay for the sins of others.
    I can’t remember which Sura it is right now or I would quote it, however, I found it very enlightening.
    I am especially moved by the saying in Islam that says: Paradise lies at your mother’s feet.
    Mothers are so unappreciated in the West, this teaching could change society for the better.
    When mothers are not appreciated, everything else that binds the family together is not appreciated either.


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