Here is my list taken from several sources and put together to prepare physically and spiritually for  Ummrah:
1.    Travel arrangements
a.    Surfing for travel agencies and getting references
b.    Getting documents together
c.    Applying for visa & ticket

2.    Logistics
a.    Packing light for temperature and ease
b.    Medications for minor illnesses and foot problems
c.    Ordering unscented shampoo, conditioner, deodorant crème etc
d.    Separating the clothes and toiletries for Ummrah from rest of travel
e.    Completing hygienic requirements before leaving home, e.g., shaving, depilation manicure, pedicure etc.
f.    Reviewing custom rules for USA and Saudi Arabia
g.    Finalizing all flights with travel agency

3. Physical Preparation

Walk for one hour atleast four to five times a week.

4.    Spiritual preparation
a.    Get into a mindset of worship by changing personal schedule
b.    Practice being open to new ideas, new people, new food, and  prepare to receive from Allah
c.    Review and finesse salaat
d.    Review and memorize the supplications at each step of Ummrah
e.    Review and memorize the steps of Ummrah
f.    Think of the most important supplication to make when setting eyes on the Kaaba for the first time
g.    Practice getting up for Tahajjud if possible
h.    Practice sitting on the musallah reciting adkaars after fajr prayer (It is equivalent to a Hajj and Ummrah if done after Jamaat prayer)
i.    Review CDs or a book on the life of the Prophet in Mecca and Medina
j.    Start reading the Quran with meaning and plan to complete it in Mecca
k.    Practice tolerating wait times, other peoples shortcomings, and hunger
l.    Practice fasting on Monday and Thursdays to strengthen the body and spirit (Sunnah of our Prophet PBUH)
5.    Day before
a.    Check you baggage for weight against airline regulations.
b.    Add healthy but light snacks for the flight and wait times
c.    Photocopy material to read or memorize while waiting
d.    Prepare to always be in taharah during travel
e.    Confirm your flight and hotel plans
f.    Confirm your ride to and back from the airport
g.    Email all your friends and family asking for forgiveness for any words or deeds done in the past
h.    Pay all debts and bills.
i.    If there are elders in the family ask for their blessings
j.    Finalize arrangements and finances for people, animals and responsibilities being left behind.
k.    Make dua that Allah makes it easy and that we travel in health and gain the spiritual benefit that we aspire to attain.
l.    Leave list of passwords and location of will incase one does not return

6.    Day of travel
a.    Check logistics
b.    Say goodbye to immediate family
c.    Make two rakah nafl asking Allah to accept this travel being made with the intention of Ummrah, for a safe passage to and fro, and safety for the ones we leave behind.

Jazaik Allah hu Khairan,

Let the spiritual adventure begin with an open heart and mind!



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