They come every year, in the heat of July all the way from Honolulu, flying across the Atlantic, riding the truck, and hanging on to the freshness, fragility and the fragrance of love that they carry within them.

The bell rings and I see the FedEx truck just leaving. I see the long box with Aloha on it. Never had I thought of Aloha as such a poignant word, hello and goodbye all rolled into one. Isn’t that what love and loss is all about?
I pick up the box, and after carefully opening it, unwrap the package under the Honolulu newspapers. I see them……….. fresh as spring, vibrant in color, fragrant, and beautiful, in their purity and delicacy.

It has been three years and yet the love and mercy in the hearts of the family of Tariq’s friend remain as a solid rock of support, unwavering in its language of love and compassion.

When Allah SWT takes our beloved son, with the other hand he sends people from far and wide to hold our hand with love. As far as Honolulu these lovely parents remember our son and say a prayer for us as they send the three leis from Hawaii with their message of love and compassion. The wild orchids of Hawaii seem so delicate on the red earth of Georgia where Tariq lies buried.

I am deeply grateful for the lovely people who have entered my life after Tariq left; they are the carriers of Allah SWT’s love sent to soothe the pain and anguish of a mother’s heart.

Each lei with its gentle fragrant petals of the orchids woven together with painstaking gentleness such that not a single petal is bruised, and withstanding the rigors of travel from Honolulu to Georgia. They remind me of Tariq, so gentle and sensitive and yet so strong in his heart.

Three leis every July 13 and every December 2, saying Aloha……….Hello and Goodbye, a reminder that Hello and Goodbye can be as short as nineteen years, and that the fragrance of love, compassion and sabr must fill the void of the remaining time.

My heartfelt thanks to all my friends and blog readers who share my sorrow and make dua for me, I feel that their duas are keeping me alive and sane.

3 thoughts on “THREE OF THEM…………………

  1. Assalam w alaikum
    3 years passed so fast.remaining memory as fresh as yesterday.Isnt
    Allah swt is so great.He helped us so much to remain in the good health in physically and mentally Alhamdullila.May Allah SWT give all of them very high position in Jannah Ameen . One day we will reach to our destination real destination where they will wellcome us Inshallah

    lots of duas and love


  2. Assalamoalaykum My dear friend,
    You and your family are in my duas. JazakAllah khair for this blog. I have learned from reading it. Alhamdulillah.
    Duas and love


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