the log cabin
A log cabin tucked in the mountains beside a lake. I am in the cabin with my fellow retreaters. We are here to learn and practice Tazkiyah e  Nafs. We are seated in the cabin, awaiting the Sheikh. As he enters, the mercy of Allah descends all around the cabin cocooning us with the rain, the lake and the forest.

Every drop, an angel assigned to it…………gently guiding it to where it is most needed, bringing life and joy. Nothing random, thoughtless or coincidental.

The warmth of human kindness melting the deficiencies in our hearts and just as the pain of awareness of our defects awakens, Allah SWT washing out each of these defects one by one and they fall by the wayside, at least for now.

Silence…………..human beings in silent salutation to the Tasbeeh of nature.

My Khalwah by now, with the rain, the lake and the respectful company of the silent ebad of Allah is in full bloom……..and yet as the rain descends everything and everyone recedes except……..the mercy of Allah.

As I sit immobilized listening to the rain, I even forget to join the tasbeeh of nature mesmerized by its devotion.

He begins to speak………..and suddenly the rain picks up, drowning his words in the rhythmic crescendo of the Divine music of the Tasbeeh of nature.

The silence in the log cabin is soaked with deep respect…….each sensing the mercy of Allah gently entering our hearts, filling us with hope and energy.

It feels like much too soon the lecture begins again……….Regretfully my stolen moments of Khalwah have ended for now.

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