I have learnt a lot in the first session of the retreat on Tazkiyah tun Nafs. Some of which I was aware of because of my mother’s actions and some because of a previous retreat. Yet I find my head spinning with the intensity of the significance of this information on my life.
Here are some facts to share…………
The essence of you and me lies in our Qalb or roughly and inadequately translated as The Heart, but it does not mean just the physical heart.

“ Verily Allah SWT has amongst the inhabitants of the earth, vessels that carry Him (SWT). The carriers of your Lord are the Hearts of the righteous ebad”

The freedom of choice that Allah SWT has given us is in the form of four types of Nafs or roughly and inadequately translated as ‘Ego’ this being different than the Freudian ego.
1. Bahemi (eats, sleeps, copulates and is only concerned with the sensual and sexual)
2. Predatory (self explanatory)
3. Shaitaani (devilish)
4. Malaiky or Angelic

The first three also called the base or lower Nafs, if used with temperance and kept under control fulfill the acts of daily living allowing the gentlest of the Nafs i.e. to connect with Allah SWT.
Allah SWT has given the rein s for the control of this wild horse, i.e. our base Nafs to us. We can give our base Nafs a free rein with consequences that affect our Qalb or heart. Our Qalb is the compass and guide to the Path of Happiness towards Allah SWT.

The heart or the Qalb is a vessel by which we can be guided to the path of Allah, which is the Path to Happiness and eventually to gain the proximity of Allah SWT.
We are all in search of Happiness, are we not? Yet through trial and error, I have accepted what the scholars of Deen and men and women of thought have known over the ages: that True Happiness comes from being in the proximity of Allah SWT.
It is only when I had to seek Him (SWT) because of my own needs that I realized this fact.

To search for Happiness, I now know that I have to travel on the path towards Allah; of course, I need guides, instructions, and strength both mental and physical to do so.

In our bodies Allah SWT has placed a vessel, which is the Seeing Eye for our spiritual soul. It guides us to the path o f Allah and thus to Happiness.
This vessel is our Heart or Qalb.

The Qalb, unlike any other part within a human being is the lens through which we can eventually behold Allah SWT.

It is thus essential that that we safeguard its clarity on our journey on the path to Happiness towards Allah SWT seeking his presence and proximity at all times.

The Qalb or heart is also my compass, which senses the direction of the Path that I am seeking for Happiness, and thus must be unhampered by coverings, spots, darkness, dirt, and distractions to be successful in its quest.

How do I keep my Qalb clear of all impurities such that it can guide me accurately to the proximity of my Lord? That is the question that I hope to find answers to as the retreat progresses……………


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    • asa,
      The best way to look up the hadith is on Quran search. I do not have the hadith number on this one but you will find it on one of the four authentic books, inshallah!

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