Why Can’t I Be Like Other Children……?

The heart of a child innocent of the politics of the times, beats with hope, faith and belief that one day he or she can be like the other children of the world.

While the news is full of the bombings and bulldozing of homes and orchards, ushering in death and disaster in GAZA…….the children do not let go of their hope that perhaps one day they will be able to enjoy a life of safety, reliability, predictability and protection from the horrors of Israeli air strikes, like everyone elsewhere in the world, living in their homes.

Her story:

His story: (English translation after opening scene)

Palestinian Children at Beit Jala

Dua: May Allah Subhana waataala give us strength and emaan to protect our children and guide our path so that we are neither opressed nor the opressor.

For more information contact the children’s medical rehabilitation unit of MECA or the Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance at: http://www.mecaforpeace.org

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