Hijab a la Syria

Elegance is the keyword for hijab in most of Syria, particularly Damascus. Thursday night the weekend begins and the streets and souks are flooded with elegant young women in long pencil line coats and neat head coverings. There is a rare smattering of other types shown in the photo but mostly the long sleek elegant coat is the signature of Syrian women ( the girls with the white scarves)

17 thoughts on “Hijab a la Syria

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  3. Alright, listen here. Just because in the west women wear less DOES NOT MEAN ALL MEN LOOK AT THEM WITH NO RESPECT!!!! Or as object. Looking at women’s revealing bodies has actually given me MORE RESPECT for them, not less.
    I actually find the modesty of hijab to be very attractive, even a sexual turn on. and I can see how women with headscarf retain personal power. Yet I cannot see how women who wear no hijab or revealing clothes are any less powerful. Both styles are beautiful and both have their faults.
    Many revealing women show off but then don’t appreciate men’s looks. Yeah, cause some men are creeps, but you dont really know which. But a revealing woman who takes pleasure in a man admiring her body is a beautiful woman and gains much respect from me, even if she is being a cocktease. In contrast the hijab woman is no different. The real con is men using these to women’s disadvantage in both sides of the world. Men hre become oversexed while men over there are sexually repressed from adoring female sexuality.

    Western women don’t dress like paris hilton and be embarassed if you get lewd looks from creeps.

    Eastern women don’t expect modesty to protect you from asshole men charging you with nonsense bogus adultery charges.


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  5. Its my belief that, Islam is the only religion which has blessed human kind with the Art of Living. This is because Allah (Subhan Hua Talla) has make human kind as His representative and hence the best of all the creators. Therefore the rules and divine laws were reviled only on human kind especially in a form of Holy book (Quran). There for the people who talks about liberty and freedom, most of the time they forget that they are human beings and they are to follow the strict rules. They are not animals how are with out rules and upon violating these rules they will be punished rightously


  6. Dear MB:
    I have to remind myself that looks can be deceiving.
    I didn’t see any slaves in hijab in my travels in the middle east, rather the opposite:)

    It is the modest demeanor that is part of the muslim etiquette that makes people think that if one is soft spoken or speaks less in public that one is ‘weak’, the truth is far from it.

    Lots of cultural stereotypes stemming from ignorance of the culture across the Atlantic.

    The same is true of the middle eastern men who think that western women who expose their skin to everyone must be prostitutes.

    Lots of interchange of cultural knowledge and travel is needed to bridge the gap:)


    • I completly disagree with you’re comment mb.
      I’m a muslim woman, and we do have something to say and we are NOT slaves of men. That point is kind of stupid because slavery is forbidden in Islam, as we don’t believe one human can own another. I wear a burqa, so does my mother and my other muslim friends. It does not mean we are “oppressed” or slaves as you put it. Rather we are proud of our religion and still wear modest clothing even when we get hate from all over the world. If a woman was wearing a mini skirt and a tank top, would you call her a slave of men? She who got happy at the thought of men having no respect for her body and marveling at what should be hidden to the eyes of strangers? I’m guessing not. So please, don’t write what you think the woman in Islam are. I am a woman in Islam, and you’re comment is untrue and ALL my muslim friends, and non-muslim for that matter would disagree with you.


      • JazaikAllah Khair sister StRaNger for sharing your and your friends personal experience, it allows MB to hear from the proverbial horses mouth.


    • Molly, Islam had erased slavery centuries ago.
      So sad now, to see woman have to show 90% of their skin to look pretty and to be acknowledged.
      Also so sad, to see women enslaved theirselves to the male dominated fashion industry to adjust their style to what men wants.
      You cannot say anything about hijab when you don’t know (or dont want to know) why we chose to wear it.

      May you be given peace.


    • Molly-Bolly, you speak out of ignorance. You know nothing about Islam. Muslim women are very pleased to practice Islam. The woman with Hijab is a free woman.She wear the Hijab out of her own free will. Every people has their own traditions and customs and religion which they adhere to and respect (comment truncated here due to language unsuitable for this blog.


  7. ON: Walaikum asalaam wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu,
    the black abaya and black scarf is one of the other type though rare in Syria is more popular in Saudi.
    The niqab is rare in Syria (of what I saw)


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