Love is not an object to place in a drawer or to file in a neat compartment under a particular title.

Love is a name for His rahma that Allah SWT puts in the touch of the mother and the fierce protectiveness within the heart of the father for their child.

Love is also the quiet happiness of sharing a sunset with a friend or just walking through a crowded street with him or her.

Love is the emotion incited by silent tears, forever moving the heart to the left. Left is the side of the heart that faces the House of my Lord as I perform Tawaf for it is with my heart that I love, all else follows as silent slaves: my eyes, my ears, my limbs and my brain. All I have to do is direct my heart towards it and love follows…………and thus I go again and again to reorient my heart to the owner of the House lest I forget and orient it elsewhere in a moment of error.

On this earth, walk His (SWT) people with their hearts on their sleeves and their love in their eyes, their lips silent but their actions for His (SWT) love Fi-SabillAllah, vulnerable and yet strong.

Love does not always come with kinship………..but sometimes you happen upon it in life’s most unexpected places: in a crowded bus, in an Ameen ceremony, in a cabin waking up for Tahajjud, in the gently guided tawaf, in a long afternoon in Africa from the heart of one mother to another each separated by continents.

Love does not come when desired nor when expected. It comes in the unexpected gesture of a relative stranger, in the comforting touch of a friend wiping away unshed tears with his or her presence. It may come with the beckoning of the hand with a rosary giving directions when you are lost in a strange country.

Sometimes it comes unbidden on the wings of memory in the notes of a melody, and sometimes it floats between two people on the bridge of silence.

There is no need to search for it, for whenever I bow my head in submission to Him (SWT), I raise my head to find his message of love in the hands of his creation.

I have to learn to gracefully accept these unexpected and unusual sources of Love and know that it comes from Him (SWT) and is a gift to be cherished with respect to the sender not only to the carrier.

Written to the Arabian music of Syria……

How does Love come to you?

Picture courtesy of National Geographic


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