I am disappointed, despite hurrying through the souks to get to the Azem Palace and the Caravan Serai, (Damascus) I find them both closed.

I decide to go to the Ummayad Mosque and pray, it is a true sanctuary of peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of dunya.

As I turn, I see him with his wares. Resplendent on a trolley the most luscious deep cranberry red juicy falsa’s that I have ever seen. In front of the heap of the delicious fruit, are four glasses of the freshly squeezed juice ready to be drunk…….by me.

As I step towards it, my mothers voice comes from beyond, “Rayri walay say kuch muth khana, bemar ho jaoo gi” I stop and restrain my desire for the lovely fruit….and regretfully turn the corner to the mosque.

The power of the word of our parents…….and I want to think, controlling my bahemi nafs prompted my restraint.

Dedicated to my friend Falsa, hope she commences her blog again!

Are you ever tempted beyond discretion?

6 thoughts on “FALSA WAALA……..

  1. ASAK
    mother’s advice are pure and natural nothing behind that except good . May Allah SWT shower His blessing on your mother and give very good place in Jannah IA Ameen


  2. The choice of words, topic, picture to go along and above all remembering your mother and dedicating this post to one of your readers was beautiful.


  3. Falsa: It is not for us to judge what is worthwhile, we can only speak from the heart and that is all that matters to Allah SWT………so start writing again, not just for the sake of filling a post but to share what you feel,think and want to put across the global world…something having the stamp of you on it!


  4. Ah the voices of parents from the beyond can stop us in our tracks 🙂 How amazing it is to find out all these years later that they were mostly right all along 🙂

    Ya Haqq!


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