A prayer for all the innocent hearts that I met in Syria and for myself. A supplication atributed to Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him:

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said :
” O Lord I supplicate Thee for
firmness in faith, and inclination
towards the straight path, and for
Your aid in being grateful to You
and in adoring You in every good
way; and I supplicate you for an
innocent heart which shall not
incline to wickedness and for a true
tongue. I supplicate You to guide
me to all You know to be
virtuous and to preserve me from
all which You know to be vicious,
I supplicate You to forgive me my
faults for You know them all”
Provided by FQ

3 thoughts on “AN INNOCENT HEART…….

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  2. The picture is of the auditorium in Bosria from the time of the Romans, filled with innocent school children on their holiday on Friday

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