For a dear friend who is relocating to another part of the world:

muslim friends
It is time to say goodbye as we part to live in different worlds, globally connected and yet so removed from each other.
is something that neither of us mentioned even at our final parting, each hoping to meet again. I don’t talk about goodbyes, because I have said so many goodbyes agonized over them and yet …..Allah SWT has many a time reunited me with my dearest friends and family.
The world has become smaller and more connected in so many ways. It is in our own hearts that we create distance either by desire or circumstance.
I don’t talk of Goodbyes because I have had to say goodbye without warning and without a chance to exchange that last feeling of love embodied in a hug that leaves the imprint of love on the spirit of both persons as they walk away. Keeping that imprint of love in their spirit no matter what the distance or passage of time.
Thus as the world has become more global and shrunk in many ways, the distances rolled up, perhaps both of us realize, you my friend and me that every breathing moment is a goodbye…..for it can never be recreated, re-felt, or recaptured in any shape or form. It must be let go……
“Pray as if this is your last salaat”..
“Meet as if this is your last visit”
……….and store those memories for time will never bring back this moment.
Thus this is not really a goodbye……….even though each of us will return to our radically different worlds, we will inshallah remember each other with affection, I pray.
And me………..I will remember your sincere friendship with great respect and deep gratitude, and thank Allah for placing me in your path.
May Allah be with you always!

4 thoughts on “GOODBYE MY FRIEND……

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  2. Abdullah Ibn ‘Abbas (r.a) has reported that the Holy Prophet (s.a) was asked what sort of friends should we keep in our company. To this he (s.a) replied :

    من ذكركم بالله رويته و زاد في علمكم منطقه و ذكركم بالآخرة عمله
    The one who reminds you of Allah when you see him, and adds to your knowledge when he speaks, and reminds you of the
    Hereafter when he acts. (Qurtubi).

    Sis H was for us, such a friend and mentor. May Allah,swt be pleased with her and draw her to His nearness in this world and the hereafter.


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