I have begged to go to His House and for seven years I was not granted that privilege. Perhaps because my begging was not sincere, and perhaps it lacked the etiquette of the beggar.
—–And then He (SWT) accepted my begging or liked the way I begged and I was called to His (SWT) door ….Once, twice, thrice and handed out His love and mercy………..I have begged to go again but this time with some restraint thinking that perhaps I am being too greedy.
He (SWT) in His infinite generosity has granted me my wish.
Inshallah Paul and I will be going for Ummrah in the coming weekend.
The Ummrah is also called the minor pilgrimage, but to me there is nothing minor about going to the House of my Lord……it is enough that He has allowed me to come back to His House, and this time with Paul.
I am going laden with my list of “Bheek”.
There is a fine line that a beggar must not cross in the etiquette of begging, but at His Door there is no dearth of treasures that can be handed out, whether they be for this dunya or the next.
I must prepare my etiquette……..because I want to ask for a lot for my Akirah.
Inshallah I will be praying for all of you the seen and the unseen readers and friends.
May Allah accept your prayers, so make sure you are praying and asking him too….……while I am at His House asking on your behalf.
Please keep my family and me in your prayers.

12 thoughts on “I AM A BHIKARI……………(BEGGAR)

  1. Alhamdulillahi…..May the ALMIGHTY accept your prayers…INSHAALLAH,May HIS blessings and peace be with with you firever till the day of Judgement.
    Please for and keep me in your dua(S) and pray for my health.
    Inshaallah …am planning to go as well at the right time…soon.I will keep you as well in my dua(S)


  2. Dear Sister,
    Assalamualaikum. You have so many friends and well wishers but even then I hope that you remember my Nabeel in your duas. I shall miss your wise counsel during these days.


  3. Allamdulillah! May Allah be with both of you, aameen; you are always in our duas. Please pray for me and Ammie as we would like to go for Ummrah soon, InshaAllah!
    Jazak Allah hu Khairan


  4. Alhamdulillah! May Allah bless your journey to His house, and accept your duas. Please pray for me and my family, especially my daughter who is to be married on May 31st.

    Ya Haqq!


  5. Assalamu’alaikum,
    MAy Allah SWT bless you and Paul with HIS Rahmat…amin
    Have a great ummrah sister… 🙂

    ps; pls keep me in your prayer in front of Ka’bah.
    Jazak Allahhu Khairan


  6. I’m so happy that Allah willed for you to go to Ummrah with Paul. May Allah accept your Ummrah and all your dua’s for yourselves and for all those for whom you will pray … Ameen. And may your journey be a safe and peaceful one … Ameen. Please remember us in your dua’s also. Insha’Allah, I hope one day soon I will also be able to go as my heart has been longing it for a while now. Insha’Allah, it will happen for me when it is the right time. My love, prayers are with you both as you embark on your journey.



  7. Assalaam o alaikum
    I am so happy you are going again and this time with Paul. Subhanallah may Allah SWT make it is easy for both of you. Enjoy your Ummrah. May Allah SWT accept your Ummrah and accept all of your duas and shower His blessing on both of you Ameen.
    Please remember me and my children in your duas if you can.
    Jazaik allahukhairan

    love and duas


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