I feel I have stumbled on a text on Cardiology and Neurology dealing with the diseases of the heart and how they affect the brain and the psyche. The parallels are exact.
How could I have studied medicine for so long and not drawn the parallels. I guess the lesson is that every child must learn not only to read the Quran in Arabic but also to understand Quranic Arabic.
Having said so, reviewing the tafseer of Surah Al- Anaam has been a process of digging for emeralds, within each word of the ayah is embedded a shaft of pure beauty, and as I happen upon it with the help of our Sheikha at the retreat and Farhat Hashmi via internet, (May Allah reward them both), I stop in midstream and rewind to confirm that I heard what I thought I heard. So here is my cut and dried summary, hope you can evaluate your heart and begin the therapy as soon as possible.
Allah SWT in addressing RasoolAllah on this auspicious night via His message sent through 70,000 angels gives him (PBUH) the examples of past nations and past apostles sent to them and how they were tested…….and then comes the present, for the Quraish and for us today…….!
Summary of Surah Al Anaam:42-44 Our response to calamities
picture taken seconds before tsunami (author unknown)

seconds before tsunami

The test of Allah is of two kinds. An individual or a nation as a whole may be tested:
1. Deprivation of Naimah
2. Excessive bounties from Allah (Even to a disobedient nation or individual)

Reasons for the Tests/calamity for an individual or as a nation:
Allah wishes to draw his abd closer to Him, thus when she is straying into the danger zone of hurting herself irrevocably then Allah jerks her back to safety by removing the distraction or enticing her with a lot of naimah. Both are tests, the loss of naimah as well as excessive naimah, the later being the greater test. Both are to draw the abd closer to Allah.

The responses of the people inflicted with affliction have two states of the heart resulting from their actions and thoughts and their distancing or proximity to Allah and His word and guidance (The Quran):
1. Softening/pliability/clarity of the heart
2. Hardening of the heart

Allah wants our hearts to soften and become pliable and humble as they are vessels in the body that carry Allah’s love, He wants the softened heart to be humble and have feelings of compassion, love and caring for other communities that Allah has created. He has also sent light (The Quran) to illuminate the soft and pliable heart
Conditions of the Heart change over time and circumstances, thus one should not become complacent with the current condition but remain ever vigilant to attain or maintain its pliability and I don’t mean by measuring cholesterol levels.
i.e. soft pliable and humble hearts can become hard and vice versa.
Signs of a hardening heart:
1. In Tanhai, (khalwah): if one is bored when one is alone and feverishly looks for people, music or things to fill his time, then one is not close to Allah. If he were close to Allah, he would never feel alone and would welcome the alone time with Him.
2. While reading Quran: evaluate our heart, are we understanding and connecting with it?
3. Majlis of ilm of deen: Are we are bored and unable to sit in a majlis of ilm of deen, that is a sign that our heart is hardening.
Dua for Qalb-e- Saleem: I don’t know this one…. can someone fill in?
If one does not call for Allah when one is hit with a calamity then one becomes remote from Allah and his heart hardens and the last sign of hardening is that one does not like Allah’s word, and actually starts’ genuinely enjoying the disobedience of Allah, and the disobedience appears beautiful to him as Shaitan beautifies evil.
Whatever disobedience one is doing, one becomes very happy with their condition.
Diagnosis of a hardening heart:
The heart is hardening if one has the following:
1. Enjoying disobedience of Allah
2. Arrogance in talk, walk and behavior, (e.g. One example among many is not giving salaam first, not smiling, not crying on something sad, not happy when there is a cause of genuine pure happiness of another, not sharing the sadness of a fellow human or animal)
Hardening of the heart varies in degrees. The longer the heart remains hardened, the worse it becomes and the more difficult it becomes to heal the heart and make it pliable again and fill it with the love of Allah and light of His word.

How to treat the hardened heart as per RasoolAllah (PBUH)
1. Read the Quran a lot (kasarath)
2. Remember death a lot (kasarath)
3. Dhikr of Allah (Stress makes the heart weaker, stress relief is by Dhikr of Allah)
4. Initially when one has a hardened heart, it may be difficult to make Dhikr by oneself then one should frequent the majlis of the ilm of deen and keep the suhbah (company) of people who are righteous and join them to do Dhikr and get closer to Allah.
5. Work with or be with orphans, help the poor and the sick, feed the needy, help the disadvantaged people who are on this earth and Allah will help you (Quran)
6. Be Affectionate and kind to the weak and the young
7. Stay away from assemblies of disobedience and people who are disobedient. (My addition from Sheikh Magroubi’s sessions)

Allah Subhanawataala states in Surah Al Anaam:

6:42 Before thee We sent (apostles) to many nations, and We afflicted the nations with suffering and adversity, that they might learn humility.

Walaqad arsalna ila omamin min qablika faakhathnahum bialbasai waalddarrai laAAallahum yatadarraAAoona
وَلَقَدْ أَرْسَلنَآ إِلَى أُمَمٍ مِّن قَبْلِكَ فَأَخَذْنَاهُمْ بِالْبَأْسَاء وَالضَّرَّاء لَعَلَّهُمْ يَتَضَرَّعُونَ (6:42)

6:43 When the suffering reached them from us, why then did they not learn humility? On the contrary their hearts became hardened, and Satan made their (sinful) acts seem alluring to them.
Falawla ith jaahum basuna tadarraAAoo walakin qasat quloobuhum wazayyana lahumu alshshaytanu ma kanoo yaAAmaloona
فَلَوْلا إِذْ جَاءهُمْ بَأْسُنَا تَضَرَّعُواْ وَلَـكِن قَسَتْ قُلُوبُهُمْ وَزَيَّنَ لَهُمُ الشَّيْطَانُ مَا كَانُواْ يَعْمَلُونَ (6:43)

6:44 But when they forgot the warning they had received, We opened to them the gates of all (good) things, until, in the midst of their enjoyment of Our gifts, on a sudden, We called them to account, when lo! they were plunged in despair!
Falamma nasoo ma thukkiroo bihi fatahna AAalayhim abwaba kulli shayin hatta itha farihoo bima ootoo akhathnahum baghtatan faitha hum mublisoona
فَلَمَّا نَسُواْ مَا ذُكِّرُواْ بِهِ فَتَحْنَا عَلَيْهِمْ أَبْوَابَ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ حَتَّى إِذَا فَرِحُواْ بِمَا أُوتُواْ أَخَذْنَاهُم بَغْتَةً فَإِذَا هُم مُّبْلِسُونَ (6:44)

One of the Signs of having Imaan, when one is obedient to Allah one is happy

What is the state of your heart?

7 thoughts on “THE CAPRICIOUS HEART: 6: 42-44

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  2. SubhanAllah! just outstanding what a medical doctor can write about Quran and its teachings. Mashallah! may Allah swt reward you and bless you, Aameen.
    Duas always


  3. walaikum asalaam was rahmatalluha wa barakatahu.
    Salma Aap ke duaooin ka fadal hay, aur aap ke dosti ka shukria.
    May Allah reward you for your consistent love and support and walking in the path of our Deen with a smile.


  4. salaam mashallah very vey nice may Allahswt accept all your effort.Alhamdullilah He blessed you with deen and duniya He is the one who is giving comfort allhamdullilah .He choose you to test and I think you accomplish all His test alhamdullilah with His help.Please remember us in your prayers.May Allahswt bless you all the time Ameen


    Aw.Please remember us in your prayers .May


  5. Nicely written as always, thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts.
    You may like the book ” Purification of Heart” by Hamza Yusuf . Excellent read on this topic. Must read.


  6. This tafseer and comments are from Taleem ul Quran by Farhat Hashmi and the retreat on Surah Al Anaam mentioned in previous posts. The picture is with thanks from KAQ.


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