Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him said, and I paraphrase: “Give gifts to each other as it increases friendship and love”

Basket with rose plants

I return after an emotionally arduous day at work, and guess what is on the table……………Yes these are rose plants! The green basket holds within it the promise of a rose garden that my dear husband who not only has a green thumb but perhaps a green arm, will plant as soon as the sun comes to stay.
The rose plants flourish under his touch and bloom all summer, fall and spring.
His rose garden died when Tariq died and neither of us noticed, as life had lost its color and fragrance for us.
I am deeply happy to receive the gift of rose plants from my husband with all their potential lying dormant in these stems. I know that he will grow them, pamper them, and cut the roses to bring them into the house for me to arrange.
Inside the house the flowers will release their delicate fragrance, which will roam the house like a wonderful thought on a beautiful sunlit day.
We will both silently think of those carefree days when life was simple and gifts of love were a blessing untainted by the shadow of loss.
I look forward to spring, to cherish the blessing of the gift that will go on giving…………

2 thoughts on “THE BLESSING….

  1. Beautiful rose plants. I am glad that at least these made you switch your opinion from calling valentine day gifts mercy on women by men and commercialism of hallmark to calling it blessing that one should cherish.


  2. I was happy that it was a rite of passage from the dark zone of passive grief to the grey zone of approaching life.
    It would be nice to give and receive gifts on random days for no reason, just to increase our love and friendship and and not an obligation of a particular day.


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