Sent by my dear friend Nargis: This is for Urdu or Hindi readers only, my apologies to the others, it is too sweet to be translated.

Paani asman ki taraf uthey to bhaap

Asman se niche gire to barish,

Jam ke gire to olay,

Gir k jame to barf,

Phoolon ki patti pe gire to shabnam,

Phoolon se nikle to arq,

Jamaa hojai to jheel,

Ankho se nikle to ashk (ansoo),

Jism se nikle to pasina,

Hazrat Ismail ( AS) ke qadmon se nikle

to aab-e-zam zam,

Pyare MUHAMMAD (sallallahu alayhewasallam) ki unglion se nikle


Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) last resting place

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