It is a sunny fall weekend, several months after Tariq died, cards and notes of sympathy trickle in. Every note I open I feel that little surprise at the back of my brain, is Tariq really gone? Irrevocably? It doesn’t feel like it, it seems like he will return from college any moment and walk in the door….but of course the words of condolence that I am reading are real.

I open the first card and it is from my niece, she apologizes for the delay in sending a card and then writes: ………..”After Hanzalah died I often recited Surah Al Sharah and found great solace in it”
I look up Surah Al Inshirah as it is titled, number 94 in the Quran, soon to become number one on my lips, and yet a struggle to memorize it. It remains elusive slipping into the crevices of my brain, refusing to settle in my heart for a long time……


Until one day walking around the field of memories on the path I walked while my children played soccer, it suddenly falls into place. In my heart, in my head and in my memory, complete in its entirety and in precise sequence.

Surah Inshirah with English translation:

and with urdu translation:

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