I am reading the section of Surah Al – Maidah where the hawaris (Disciples/Apostles) ask Jesus (AS) to request Allah SWT to send a generous table from the Heavens, I guess to prove the signs and blessings of Allah. (I guess this is what the Christians refer to as the last supper).

Allah says in the Quran 5: 112-115, that He will send this blessing, but if after this they disobey He will send a torment like He has sent to no other.

This part of the Surah shakes me and I look for protection. I find the supplication for obedience in the  Morning adkaars:

اللّهُـمَّ اقسِمْ لي مِنْ خَشيَتِكَ ما تَحُولُ بهِ  بَيني و بينَ مَعصِيَتَك، و مِنْ طَاعَتِكَ ما تُبَلِغُني بهِ جَنَتَك، و مِن اليَقِينِ ما تُهَوِنُ بهِ عليَّ مَصَا ئِبَ الدُنيا.


“Allaahumma aqsim lee min khashyatika maa tahoolu bihi baynee wa bayna ma‘siyatak, wa min taa‘atika maa tubalighunee bihi jannatak, wa minal-yaqeeni maa tuhawinu bihi ‘alayya masaa’ibad-dunyaa.”


“Ô Allaah, bestow upon me a share of fear from You which will prevent me from disobeying You, and bestow upon me a share of obedience with which You will take me to Your jannah, and bestow upon me a share of certainty with which You lighten the effects of the hardships and tribulations of this dunyaa on my heart.”

I know I am weak and I know I need His (SWT ) help, and I need yours, so those of you, who are reading this, please keep me in your prayers. Jazaik Allah hu Khairan.


  1. Salaamu alaykum Asqfish,

    May Allah reward you greatly. I think I was led to this dua.
    It’s very true that fear prevents from disobedience.
    InshaAllah I will add this to my regular adhkar.

    You are in my prayer. I hope we’re in yours.


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