My dearest child,

At this important milestone in your life, it is a time to rejoice that you have remained in Allah SWT’s perfect protection in all forms and ways starting with your health, beauty and intellect and ending with the days he has allotted you unhampered by crippling disease and or lack or loss of intelligence.
I am so happy to see you entering the next stage of your life and I pray that you will before making every decision big or small make a prayer to ask Allah for His guidance, help and blessings.
I pray that you ask Allah SWT to give you at all times guidance, the ability and desire to follow His guidance (The Quran), wisdom to understand its beauty and its markers, Afiyah which is an all enveloping protection from Him both in this world and the next.
I grew up knowing that I have to respect and obey my parents. It is only recently that I have been able to actually ascertain where in the Quran does it actually command me to do so. I hope you will not delay your education and reflection on the Quran as I did.
You have many gifts, some you are aware of some you will become aware of as they unfold. Do remember that they are all from Allah and use them in the path of Allah.
I pray for your health, your protection, for your happiness, for a loving, caring, appreciative muslim spouse, someone who makes your journey towards Allah happier and easier.
I pray for Allah to give in your hands His Shifa (ability to heal) as true healing comes from Him, we as physicians just deliver it with His grace. I pray that your patients may benefit from that gift.
I pray that you have normal children and that you may never be challenged in your life with the sadness of death or loss of deen in them.
I am here to love you and support you in your journey. I am told that a mother’s love has no comparison on earth, but that it comprises only one percent of the Love that Allah has for us.
May you always feel the gentle cloak of His Love and Rahma on your shoulders, along with mine.
Love and prayers for you always!



    • Walaikum Asalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu! May Allah bless you and your daughter. Your son is in a beautiful place. May your duas make this dunya and the Akhirah beautiful for both of you.


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  4. Walaikum asalaam Sister Shay,
    Do comment on what you find interesting and give me suggestions and add to the blog as you wish.
    May Allah bless you!


    • I will sis thank you, I am glad I found your blog as I am also in pursue of the straight path, with regards to spirituality.

      Maybe you could share your views on that? What Islam and spirituality means to you? I managed to define for myself what it is and what it is to have ‘awareness’.. However I’m finding it difficult to hold on to it, as this world is too caught up with worldly matters. Due to this you easily get dragged along, which forces you to deal with (worldly) desires, fears and distress…and making you step away from the true path.

      I hope I make sense lols.

      May Allah (Subhanahu Wa-Ta’Ala) bless you and your family as well sis 🙂


  5. Asalamu Alaykum sis,

    Wow I really love what you wrote MashaALlah. It is so true.. bless you! I will subscribe to your blog and hope to learn more InshaAllah 🙂

    Allah Hafiz


  6. As salam alikum,
    I read the dua that u wrote for your daughter and it touched my heart. Both of parents pray the same way for me and its my request that you pray not just for your daughter but all the daughters of this world. Thank you.


  7. Asalaam o alaikum UF
    Thank you for your observation:
    Here is something to think about:
    When Prophet Muhammad PBUH was born, his uncle distributed sweets on his birthday……..and Prophet Muhammad PBUH said and I paraphrase:
    He (his uncle ) will get one day out of the FIRE because of his action on Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday.

    Supplication can be made at any time, good wishes in the form of supplication from mother to daughter and from parents to children are very very important.
    Allah SWT listens to us when we supplicate for our children and when our children supplicate for us.

    Do you know of any authentic source that stops muslims from supplicating for their children ?
    Is any day of the year forbidden to supplicate for your children? Please do provide authentic reference.
    Jazaaik Allah hu Khairan


  8. Salaam,

    Alhamdulilah! This is the kind of dua that I would like to make for my son. May allah keep you and your daughter safe and grant all your dua’s. Ameen.


  9. Beautiful! I am just wondering how would my life turn out to be if I grew up receiving prayers like this from my mom. Now I just need to make sure that my daughter does not grow up without it. Thanks Asma. May your prayers be accepted for all daughters in the ummah.


  10. Alhamdullillah! I am where I am due to the prayers of my mother and my great aunt….and deeply grateful for them. May Allah grant your mother’s prayers.


  11. asslam aleikom
    i loved what you wrote for your daughter. its the best present a mother can give to her child instead of worldly things. every year my mother would tell me that she prays for me on my birthday, i could never understand that until now. thank you for opening my eyes….may allah always be with you……..


  12. Walaikum asalaam wa baraka tuhu
    Jazaaik Allah hu Khairan, and thank you especially for your hugs, affection and encouragement. I am so happy that you have a lovely mother who makes dua for you as that is the most precious gift in the world.
    Thus the command in our Book for obedience and respect for parents , though I must say it is difficult at times:)


  13. Asalam o alaikum, blogger mom. This dua’a feels like words lifted right out of my ammi’s mouth, except that I’m not a doctor, so no healing part. May Allah(swt) bless you and your family with wonderful things.
    Blogger mom, your blog is teaching me great things and I log in regularly, sometimes three or four times every day, to read and reflect. It’s beautiful what you write because it’s Allah’s(swt) word. May you be rewarded.
    Hug. Falsa.


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