What is Dhikr to me?
51. The four quls before sleep envelopes me.
52. Allahummaa ahdani fiman hadayt…when the Ummah is suffering.
53. Listening to Surah Kahf enroute to Juma and feeling the words rolling off my lips as if I know the surah by heart
54. Listening to Surah Al-Insaan again and again in Itikaaf
55. Trying to memorize, surah Inshirah and stumbling on the last ayah repeatedly
56. Memorizing the last two ayahs of Sura Baqara & forgetting them through disuse.
57. Listening to an ayah being recited by someone else and knowing its source.
58. Listening to the juma khutba and making dua when the Imam sits down
59. Making dua after adhaan
60. Making dua after iqama
61. Repeating the adhaan after the muezzin
62. Listening to Imam Jouhani and wanting the taraweh to go on and on.
63. Turning up the volume and listening to Sheikh AlAfasy in the car.
64. Listening to Surah Yaseen and seeing my mother lying helplessly ill.
65. Listening to Surah Yaseen and watching with amazement my great Aunt(Khalaji) wake up from a coma and ask me “where is your mother?”
66. Listening to Allah huma labaik on youtube and crying with nostalgia
67. Reciting Allah huma labaik going to Mecca and visualizing Ibrahim AS calling the believers.
68. Feeling the power of the Ummah as they recite the duas in tawaf

69. Humbled and thankful when someone next to me recites Surah Tariq in tawaf
70. Standing in Qiyam al Layl waiting to hear Surah Tariq from the lips of Imam Sudais
71. Standing in front of the Kaaba speechless.
72. Repeating durood at the rowda of RasoolAllah (peace and blessing upon him)
73. Subhanallah when watching the sun set on the road to Medina
74. Bismillah on opening our fast on the road to Medina with Laban


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