Allah Subhana wataala says in the Quran:

Allah takes the souls at the time of their death, and that, which has not died in its sleep; He withholds that against which He has decreed death, but releases the other till a stated term (al-Zumar 39: 42)

Prophet Muhammad when ever he retired for bed said:

‘In your name O Allah I live and die’

And he (PBUH) also said the supplication listed in the post “Sleep is like death”

Imam Ghazali says:

If the believer considers the two together, both the hadith and the Quranic verse, he cannot help but feel that his life from one moment to the next, is a gift from the hand of the Lord of All the Worlds.

It may be that when he lays himself down for the night he will rise again only on the Day of Resurrection. In this event, the believer’s only request is for mercy. But if he rises to live another day, then his only wish is to live under the protection of Allah.

Usually I am doing something or the other right till the moment before I fall asleep. I wonder if I should be preparing for sleep as one prepares for death and does this include the affairs of the world or the affairs of the deen? Or both?

Yet another aspect of my life that I need to redesign. Please keep me in your prayers.

8 thoughts on “WHY IS SLEEP LIKE DEATH?

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  2. I think, the best way to prepare yourself before sleep is to do Afzal Zikr ie to recite La Ilaha ilAllah Muhammadur Rasoolullah (SAW). What do you think about this?


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