Starting a journey with the mercy and protection of Allah takes the stress out of it. We have a wonderful live example of Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings upon him, beginning each action by invoking Allah Subhana wataala’s help and mercy.

It is best to commend to memory the supplications of Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings be upon him. However since I have not memorized these yet, let me share them with you from a little book that my dear friend shared with me recently.
Perhaps we can start memorizing them one by one.

Lets start with the goodbye to someone you leave behind when you leave your home:

While bidding goodbye to someone:
Ustaudi-ullaha deenaka wa amanataka wa khawatima amalika

Unto Allah commend thy faith, Thy trust and the consequence of Thy work.
At the time of Undertaking a Journey:
Allahhumma bika usulu wa bika ahulu wa bika asiru

O Allah it is by thy help that I assail and it is by thy help that I move and it is by thy help that I walk.
At the time of Boarding a train, plane or vehicle:

Bismillah: In the name of Allah.

After taking ones seat in the the vehicle of travel:
Alhamdul lil lahi subhanal lazi sakhara lana haza wa ma kunna lahu muqrayneena wa inna ila rabbina la munqaliboon
Praise be to Allah Glory unto to Him who has subjected this (vehicle) for us, though we were unable to subdue it. Behold we are assuredly to return unto our Lord.
After setting out on a journey:
Allahhumma haw-win alaina haza safara watwi anna boudahu.
Allahhumma antas sabibu fis safari was khalifatu fil ahli.
Allahhumma inni aaoodobika mew was a issafari wa ka-abbatil manzari wa su il munqalabi fil mali wal ahli wal waladi

O Allah! Make easy for us this journey of ours and roll up for us the distance thereof.
O Allah thou art our companion in this journey and guardian in our household.
O Allah I seek refuge in thee from the toil of this journey, from beholding a miserable sight and on ill return in my wealth, household and my children.

In every action and reaction in life, we have the guidance from Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. He (PBUH) has taught us by action how to invoke our Lord before, during and after an action and thus have His (SWT) mercy and protection with us at all times.
May Allah protect us all.


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