The House of my LordHajj has seven steps1. Perform Ummrah on arrival (Welcome Ummrah)

2. Camping in Mina and immersing oneself in ibadah (worship)

3. Journey to Arafat, and standing in front of your Lord exposing all your sins and seeking repentance.

4. Journey to Muzdalifa and seeking rest under the stars

5. Physical act of rejecting temptation from Satan (throwing pebbles)

6. The Tawaf efada and Saee (honoring our mother Hajar by walking in her steps)

7. Goodbye to His House: Tawaf al wida

Three Remembrances (physical and spiritual)

1. Remembrance and following in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad Peace and blessings upon him, as he performed Hajj.

2. Walking in the steps of Prophet Abraham (AS) and remembering his sacrifice

3. Honoring our mother Hajar and following her footsteps in her effort to find succor & sustenance in the desert for her child Ismail (AS)

One purpose:To behave as a guest in the house of Allah. To demonstrate respect and courtesy to all his guests from other lands.

2 thoughts on “COMPONENTS OF HAJJ

  1. Forgive the brevity, I had to make this checklist to remember the components and especially the purpose. It came in handy when submerging with five million people.


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