Some thoughts before my Hajj in 2006:

As I embark on this journey and deal with the logistics of travel and survival in the company of the crowds of my fellow Muslims, I wonder what Hajj will be for me?

I will be walking in the path of my mother Hajar, whose anguish I can understand as she searched for water for her baby, knowing full well that if she did not make the effort there was no possibility for her baby to survive under the hot unrelenting desert sun.

I will be accompanying our father Abraham as he takes his son to be sacrificed in the name of Allah, How did he feel? I cannot imagine, the desolation of his heart coupled with his acceptance of Allah’s command and his complete obedience to the will of Allah.

I will be traveling with RasoolAllah (Peace be upon him) as he camped at Mina and then went on to Arafat to pray for the forgiveness of all those Muslims who will come there for generations forever. I will stand at the same spot and I will pray, what words will come out of my mouth I do not even know.

I will be sleeping under the naked sky with nothing but the stars to guide me, and will gaze at it as Rasool Allah (peace be upon him) did. What thoughts crossed his mind as he lay there in the desert under the canopy of the dark sky lit with stars? I will be thinking too, what, I do not know.

I will be walking instep with the maliaka (angels) as I circumambulate around the Kaaba, and if there is a feeling of weightlessness I will know that I have been lifted with their hands, to make it easier for me.

As I will perform the Tawaf, I feel that next to me will be my son looking at me via his ethereal form accompanying the angels on the wings of destiny making his tawaf, smiling in peace with himself and his surroundings. Behind me will be my daughter inshallah taking the rites of the hajj to their completion. Entrance to the Masjid el Haram

just us and Allah and the Malaika and the steps of the Prophet (peace be upon him).What more could I ask for in Hajj?

Please pray for the acceptance of my Hajj,Jazaa ik Allah Khairun,

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